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Tangen Zoo was first known as Klæbu zoo, when it was located in Trondheim. Later, the park was moved to Tangen, and was named Amadeus zoo.

The zoo was best known for the gibbon Amadeus, which then also had its own TV series on Barne-TV.

When the season opened in May 2014, the park changed its name to Tangen Dyrepark.

New owners took over the park and were ready to focus more on endangered species.

Tangen Zoo has more than 200 residents - both Nordic and exotic animals of as many as 30 species.

The children can participate in the feeding and experience close contact with the animals and play and learn about nature - in nature.

Some enclosures allow visitors to get up close to feed or pet the animals.


The employees in the park are a small cozy family. They consist of 2 owners, 1 full-time zookeeper, 4 part-time zookeepers, a vet, and an amazing handyman! They work hard to ensure that the animals have the best possible experience and that you, the audience, will have a unique, exciting and educational experience.

Stop by and say hello, we don't bite. 

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