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Did you know?

1. Goats are one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans.

2. If you ever wonder if you're looking at a goat or sheep, look at the tail. The tail of the sheep mostly hangs down, while the tail of the goat stands more straight up. 

3. African pygmy goat is one of the smallest goat breeds, weighing 23-39 kg. Most African pygmy goats are curious and friendly. Goats are ruminants and have four stomachs, as for example cows and sheep have. Goats are what you call "browser" in English. That is, they mostly eat leaves, shoots, bark that come from trees and shrubs. 

Tangen Dyrepark has 11 goats:

Thorvald, GressløkPersille, MinteMelisseTeenyTinyThilde

FlekkelineKnoll and Tott

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