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Are you passionate about animals or do you know someone who is?

Then you can adopt an animals and help with our zoo projects. Our sponsor packages are ideal as gifts, and you can choose from a range of animals in our zoo.


The funds from the adoption program are used for:

- enrichment

- improvement of indoor and outdoor enclosures

- food for the animals

click herefor the list of animals that can be sponsored.

If you adopt an animal from

Tangen Zoo, you get: 


Standard: A certificate signed by the zoo owner, and quarterly newsletters about the animals. 

Prices: NOK 400,-  

Premium: A certificate signed by the zoo owner, quarterly newsletters about the animals, and 1 free ticket to the park to visit them. You also get a 10-minute conversation with a zookeeper during the season (must be arranged in advance). 

Prices: NOK 800,- 

How long are you a sponsor?


The adoption scheme lasts for one year. If you renew after the first 12 months, you get a 10% discount on the sponsorship scheme as a thank you for your support.

For questions contact us:

Here... or

To order, fill in the form below and you can pay instantly here


Super! We have received your adoption form. We will contact you soon via email for payment methods.

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